All features are included with every subscription.

No extra charges! Start a FREE trial now to see for yourself. Here is a partial list:


  • Integrated with popular social media sites
  • Compliant with CAN-SPAM regulations
  • Deliverability monitoring and management
  • Undeliverable management
  • Opt out management
  • Technical support available


  • Create your own templates from HTML code or a URL
  • Upload images, videos and files for use in campaigns
  • Familiar word processing text and image editing
  • Personalization and "mail merge"
  • Create multiple sender profiles
  • Customize print friendly and plain text content


  • Import lists from CSV and Excel files
  • Store multiple lists in your account
  • Create custom fields to store additional data
  • Quickly search, edit and delete contacts and groups


  • Access easy-to-read statistics on views, clicks, undeliverables and so much more
  • Configure your own Reporting dashboard to monitor key results
  • Copy and resend sent campaigns
  • Print all reports